Practical information

Previous circulars (sent to Euramal members by e-mail)

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Conference venues

  • The conference will take place at the university of Oslo in the largest auditorium at the main University Library, Georg Sverdrups hus.

Accommodation in Oslo

  • Visit Oslo lists a variety of hotels, hostels and apartments in Oslo. Please check out their website here .
  • Alternative accommodation can be acquired through sites like or

All kinds of practical information

  • For most practical information regarding  your stay in Oslo check out Visit Oslo‘s sites.

Explore Norway

  • For those of you who wish to explore more of Norway before or after the conference there is an excellent site named Norway in a Nutshell (offering, for instance, the “classical” train+ship tour from Oslo via the mountains to the fjords and Bergen on the west coast).

Opera House

  • Before and during the conference week, there are excellent performances at the famous Oslo Opera House. Check out and book directly from here.